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Believe in Yourself: Change Your Life Story

  • Get unstuck and take your success further
  • Resolve relationship challenges with yourself, and others
  • Overcome past limitations, wounds, emotional pain, easily (yes!)
  • Express your life's purpose more fully
  • Find your leadership, as part of a team or as a family member
  • Without struggle, extended therapy, or fear


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What to Expect:


Personal change shouldn't be hard or require a long term commitment.


While each person's situation is different, many of my life coaching clients have overcome past issues or achieved major break thoughs in only a few sessions. Check out a few of the testimonials.


Meet & Greet

Set up a time to talk by phone or in person. There is no charge for this initial conversation. 

Your Greatest Self


Never let fear decide your fate. If you feel hesitancy, uncertainty, or second-guessing in your life, find out how quickly that can transform into clarity and action. 


Surprisingly, you don't have to know WHY you have been the way you have. Usually, that's not necessary, and you can discover your greatest self and move in a much more resourceful direction, now. 


Its amazing how our unconsious minds can get set in a pattern for years, without us having any idea about how to create a new response. 


You can learn to build a powerful, resourceful relationship with all of you, in short order!


Imagine feeling completely free!

stop being a victim




If you feel like a victim in any part of your life, it is bad for your health, your relationships, your sense of well-being. Regain your empowerment 100 percent of the time, easily!


Picture of Gerry Schmidt, Life Coach


I wish Gerry had coached me in my teens instead of in my 40’s, but better late than never!  For my whole life, I was “comfortable” being introverted and not really connecting with people.  I interacted sufficiently on an impersonal/professional work level to do good work and to get by in life.  I completely believed that I couldn’t change – that my personality type was just that way.  Gerry recognized what I needed and taught me, despite my disbelief in what he was saying,  a few simple skills that enabled me, with just a little practice, to connect with people easily and deeply.  Needless to say, my relationships improved dramatically in all aspects of my work and personal life.  I’m still an introvert, but I’m now much more comfortable building and maintaining relationships, making small-talk, and even having tough conversations because I have more skills to connect with people even during stressful situations.  A life coach like this is rare. Gerry was a miracle in my life.



Gerry's ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly was amazing. His gift as a life coach which helped me change was magical. I'm forever indebted to the changes I've been able to sustain for many years. Thank you, Gerry.


Woman on a summer day with a long dress dancing and feeling free
An image of text saying Mindset is Everything.
My  Approach


I'm a life coach, I've spent my life learning from people who are extraordinary at helping people change. I've never been focused on theory, but what has worked for others. I trust my own experience, and yours. I do this work because I have to - it's my calling. I had to heal myself and find ways of helping others heal as well.  Doing this is a gift to me, as well as you.


I'm one of you. Whatever issues you have, whatever you think is "wrong"; I've struggled with something very similar. I've made many mistakes a person can make. 


My initial training as a Life Coach involved a set of exercises and practices we did over the course of years of training. The purpose of the exercises was to be sure we understood and lived certain assumptions. Here are a few:


  • People work perfectly. No one is broken. This is true even when a person is ruining his or her life.


  • People make the best choices available at the time. It is usually helpful to add more choices, never take choices away.


  • Everyone's behavior has a positive intention. Implementing this is very powerful. 


  • Knowing does not equal doing. You can understand something, but until you act on it, or have it in embodied, there is no benefit.


  • People have all the resources they needThis assumption opens up possibilities. YOU HAVE ALL YOU NEED TO BE BETTER.


  • The meaning of your communication is the response you get. This is one of the most important presuppositions. We think that if someone misunderstands us there is something wrong with him or her.


What others say about working with Gerry

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