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You can improve your life with a life coach. Sometimes it hard to know where to start as there are so many areas of your life that could be improved with coaching. Start by asking yourself:

"What do I want?"


Ask yourself that question repeatedly. It probably will help to record your answer. After a while look over your notes, prioritize if you like.

Then ask: "What is getting in my way of having what I want?"

Now you have a great place to begin. Call or email me so we can chat about whether we should get together.

I don't work with everyone. Some things are just not in my skill set. Many are.

I promise you an honest answer.

Don't wait to find out, whatever you want to improve in your life is likely much easier than you think. What are you waiting for?


To see some of the issues I often work with and my fees, go to Services & Fees

It’s hard to describe what working with Gerry is like. He helps you get under your own radar in the most respectful and gentle of ways. When he did that with me, it opened up a whole world I didn’t know existed – inside myself. The biggest change (of several) is that it has allowed me to become much less judgmental about myself and others. That has improved my marriage, my connection to my closest friends, and made me a better leader. The people who report to me have commented, "What happened to you? You’re so relaxed now."  






Life Coaching South Carolina


I was looking for a way to connect with myself. The symptoms were many- disturbed sleep, over eating resulting in carrying extra weight, bad choices in intimate relationships, a nagging sense of missing something important. Gerry helped me use my resources to reconnect with myself. I’d seen several therapists and a coach, and they helped me learn that I’d learned to behave this way from my family history. None of them helped me change a thing, which was so frustrating. After our work, something just shifted and I felt very different. All of my original complaints have resolved, and in a fraction of the time I’d spent previously trying to fix them. At last! Gerry is the best life coach in Chalreston SC


I was an emotional mess because my estranged brother had just died. I was full of grief, anger and sadness that we couldn't resolve our problems, plus he left me with a huge mess financially. Gerry could see my anguish, and his calm and reassuring nature led me to a more resourceful state right away. He immediately inspired my confidence and trust, which is pretty unusual for me, and I felt enveloped by a sense of balance and wellbeing. What resulted from the very brief work we did together helped me to let go so I could indeed move forward without regrets. I will always be grateful for Gerry’s insight and emotional guidance





Our family dynamics were driving me crazy. We had many issues that didn't get better in spite of our best attempts to do so.  I knew I wasn't going to get the rest of the family to a counselor. Gerry helped me find my part in the dynamic. In a short time, I have gotten over all of the resentment and anger about how the situation had developed. Since our work together, I've been tested hard and often by the rest of the family. I've reacted in a more loving way and yet still taking care of me. Amazingly, they are shifting now as well!         



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