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Create Ideal Corporate Culture / Leadership Development/Managment Skills/Team Building
Giving & Receiving Feedback/Conflict Management

I built my prior company, Corporate Culture Pros, with my partner, to help large and small organizations cash in on their culture. Every successful program centered around the top leaders changing some part of their leadership approach. And implementing a range of leadership and management practices that are correlated to best practices.  There are lots of resources on the Corporate Culture Pros site.


The keys to improving your leadership are strongly correlated with other personal changes that would impact your personal relationships, deepen your marriage, enhance your spiritual life. And, there are additional elements that can simplify and stream line how you lead change, how you motivate your people, how you get them on the same page.


I continue to provide coaching to those leaders who are commited to developing themselves, so they can develop their people and their organizations. Executive coaching builds on the foundation of life coaching with a great deal of content, specific to your situation.


According to the Gallup survey on engagement, 2/3 of the employees in this country are disengaged. Nearly half of those are actively disengaged which means they are undermining your efforts. This is costing your company a lot of money and wasting tremendous resources. And its not fun. :-)


Are you engaged and excited about your work, your career? You spend too much of your life working, not to be.


Check out the books we wrote about leading change:


If you want to improve your leadership, or trouble shoot a situation in your organization,

please contact me.

You are likely to find ways to create a breakthrough with the current situation, quickly







A few of the companies I've worked with:

Book by Gerry Schmidt, PhD and Lisa Jackson titled Transforming Corporate Culture - 9 Natural Truths for Being Fit to Compete
A line of logos of a few companies Gerry Schimdt has worked with. Nike, Boeing, AT&T Wireless, Sprint, Avaya, Merck
Affinity Health Plan logo - a company Gerry has worked with
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