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Eliminate PTSD, in three sessions or less!

The RTM Protocol has been proven in research studies to eliminate all symptoms of a PTSD diagnosis, in under five hours, using no drugs, and with complete comfort for the client. This sounds too good to be true, but in fact it is true and Gerry has been using this method, successfully for over thirty years, with clients suffering from severe trauma (such as PTSD), although it works equally well with milder trauma, such as simple phobias. To learn more about the protocol, and see the brain scans that show the brain trauma is eliminated after the protocol: RTM FACT Sheet.


The introduction to the Fact Sheet, linked above.

Developed by the Research and Recognition Project (R&RP) which is committed to continued research on behalf of those in need of effective treatment, the protocol has been rigorously tested under strict scientific standards.

Over 90% of the 160 veterans in the studies finished treatment with measured loss of their PTSD diagnosis, nightmares, flashbacks and directly related emotional symptoms.

The RTM Protocol has been included in ISTSS’s 2019 book “Effective Treatments for PTSD”, arguably the gold standard of evidence-based PTSD treatments, as an intervention with emerging evidence.

From the 2019 ISTSS Conference, “The Research Recognition Project, has developed a behavioral treatment for PTSD named RTM, that has shown high rates of symptom reduction (PSS-I) and loss of diagnosis in complex military PTSD. It was recently reviewed in Kitchiner et al. and found to be one of only two of the treatments examined to meet their efficacy criterion for consideration as effective for treatingmilitary PTSD”.

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