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Presumably you are reading this page to decide if I have the right background for what you need. You'll find my background and experience described below. However I doubt that information will answer your question.  There are many similar websites and lots of people with impressive credentials. Many of them wouldn't be the right fit for you. So how do you know?  Call me. Let's meet. If you are the kind of person that will benefit from what I can offer, you will know within a few minutes of talking if there is enough chemistry between us to be worth an hour of your time to find out if I can help you get what you want.   For fees and a sample of issues people come with.

Please call me or complete the form on the home page. 

Biographical Details:

  • PhD in Educational Psychology, 1976

  • Private practice in counseling, Denver, 1981 - 1994

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner

  • NLP lead trainer for NLP Comprehensive, Boulder

  • Trained hundreds of counselors, therapists, coaches and consultants in change tools

  • Author of the most popular NLP book and 6 CD set (with 5 other authors) for Nightingale Connant, "The New Technology of Achievement"

  • Author of "Training Design and Delivery" (DVD) with Laura Ewing

  • Author of "Reimprinting with Devine Intervention" (CD)

  • First of several trips to India to study with spiritual masters

  • Founder and President of Matrix Consulting Group, organizational coaching, change management and culture change

  • Executive Vice President of ARC International, bringing personal transformation to organizations

  • Began 14 year relationship with Sufi master and first of several trips to Bangladesh.

  • President and Founder of Corporate Culture Pros, advising, facilitating and coaching executives for mastering culture as a driver of business success

  • Author Transforming Corporate Culture; 9 Natural Truths for Being Fit to Compete, with Lisa Jackson

  • Author Culture Change Toolkit, with Lisa Jackson

  • Ongoing Life Coaching of individuals, couples, teams, organizations, 1981 to present

  • Partner in Cruxpoint Health Breakthrough Program, bringing comprehensive health tools to transform health and wellness, in Boulder Colorado

  • Delivered "Strategies for High Performance" at GE's Crotonville campus, 2015-2016

  • 2 great children, married, living on Folly Beach. Loving life on the water, in the Lowcountry!

  • Prior Board of Directors of TFA (TRE for All) 

  • Board of Directors, Research & Recognition Project (

  • Advising the R&R Project, which is training counselors to successfully treat PTSD in under 3 session, with no drugs and completely comfortable for the client.

Photo of Life Coach Gerry Schmidt, PhD
Telephone number as an image.

In the time that you so graciously spent with me, I found you to be exceptionally skilled and talented, Your clients  are very fortunate.


At the moment this is simply my straight from the heart casual reply that anyone who gets you is going to be thrilled.  I can’t imagine working with anyone more inspiring...and to think this is the result of our one meeting!  You are an excellent coach and a gift to know.



So much of my life was spent overthinking. I got rewarded for that by school and my work. That was useful, however I often struggled with decisions, missed obvious emotional cues from people around me. Gerry helped me open up something that shifted all that.  So greatful to have sought a life coach. Now, my decisions are faster, better and with no drama.  My responses to people around me are so much more natural. That is the feedback I’m getting now. For me it feels so easy, how did I miss that all these years. I’m grateful for the change.  






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