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Disclaimer: Nothing on this site is medical advice


I deeply appreciate the time you spent on my website. While everything I write is from my heart to you, it is only my opinion about what I believe and must therefore be considered as such. I am not a licensed psychotherapist under the laws of South Carolina.  I'm not a doctor and if you have, or are worried you have mental illness,  you should speak with a qualified professional. 


Nothing written on any webpage or any blog by me or anyone else as an article, comment, reply to a comment, emailed response or any other suggestion, information or opinion should  be construed to be anything but general thoughts about the topic from the point of view of its author. None of this is medical advice.


I therefore make no claim to be able to offer specific advice and can not therefore be held responsible for any decision made by a reader as a result of anything written. All decisions made by any reader about any part or aspect of their lives are the sole responsibility of the decision-maker.




This site is intent on being honest, truthful and fully compliant with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules about the use of all testimonials and/or all endorsements used for marketing purposes. Accordingly, we want you to know and understand that all of the testimonials and/or endorsements on this site reflect the honest opinions, beliefs, or experiences of the one providing the endorsement or testimonial and that no form of compensation was offered in exchange. 


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