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Support your AWAKENING

Awakening to what?
  • Realizing that you are more than your body.
  • You want to move past your separate identity.
  • Relating to yourself more as awareness,
  • Realizing there is nothing to heal after all.
  • And you want to serve something beyond yourself...
Is this familar? Probably confusing.
Would you like support in this awakening?


My personal journey has taken me to many places in the exploration of this territory. Due to my intention, karma, luck, I'm not sure what, I've been blessed with having several great teachers. 


The roughly 30 years of my quest has taught me a few simple principles that make my life much easier, more satisfying and richer. Let me guide you to do the same, in less time and with fewer bumps in the road than I endured. :-)


There are several ways to explore this territory. Of course we can talk one to one. Lately I've noticed quite a few people in Charleston who are in the process of awakening. Some are aware of this, others know something is happening deep inside but are not sure what it is. This process can be a bit confusing, even scary.  It's familar territory for me. Soon, I will be offering group sessions. If you want to explore your awakening in a supportive, structured and loving environment,  call me.  

Spiritual coaching Charleston SC - image of a bird flying with text that says I didn't change I just woke up
Telephone number as an image.


I was looking for something more in my life. Gerry did one session with me that was particularly intense, in that I could feel something in me that I'd rarely felt before. It was deep, peaceful and only can be described as love, not personal, but beyond that. That experience changed everything for me. I'm so grateful that I sought out a life coach, and it was Gerry! 




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