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Image for Episode 15: Healing Trauma & Anxiety

To back track from the last post: when someone feels they have trauma, from a treatment point of view, my question is; is it Big T trauma or little t trauma? The emotions associated with Big T are usually fear, terror or helplessness (some combination or all three). And often, there is a memory of one or more, intense traumatic experiences that seem linked to the emotions.

The emotions associated with little t, can include fear, terror and/or helplessness, but often include a range of other emotions; such as anxiety, irritation, specific behaviors that are not wanted and are hard to control. And the person usually can't point to one event as the cause. The person will often point to events over a period of time that contributed to their trauma, rather than one big event. The expression "death by a thousand paper cuts", is a good metaphor for how it feels for someone with little t trauma.

Rather than describe all the ways to deal with little t trauma, I'd suggest listening to a podcast that was recently recorded for The Good Mood Show, by Matt O'Neal. He interviewed me about Trauma and Anxiety.

For audio versions:

And if you are struggling with any kind of trauma, please contact me, lets discuss what approach will give you the fastest relief from feelings that are troubling you. Call me:


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